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Fashion & Beauty Marketing


Making-up Creative Activations to Dress Brands for Goals

In a progressively teeming industry where success was once measured by what was sold in bulk or per store, the fundamentals to creating a long-term and gratifying connection in the apparel and beauty world currently depends on how a brand interacts with shoppers through every step of their customer journey. From discovery through first impressions, considerations and purchase. The hoverGENIE marketing team always works towards implementing efficient fashion & beauty marketing strategies to deliver engaging digital influences and personalized experiences to increase awareness, maximise conversion-driven traffic, drive sales, and most importantly, outstrip your brand’s competitors.

What We Offer

Making Your Fashion & Beauty Products Customer Favourites

eCommerce Development

A lot of current fashion & beauty enthusiasts do not have enough time to visit your local store or make several calls to choose what they like. They want to their stuff delivered and want it now! So, why not give them exactly that?
Our design and web development team design bespoke ecommerce websites that meet your consumer needs whenever, however and wherever they are. Giving them multiple products, payment options and shipping/ delivery choices to pick from. All of these makes life easy for your customers and your brand’s sales team. A win-win, right?

Creative & Content Development

The hoverGENIE creative and content development team researches your brand, target audiences, market location and niche’s best practices to develop creative and engaging content towards pushing brand awareness and conversions via targeted digital channels to your offline and online points of sale. This process includes content definition, content development and curation, content organisation, creative and media designs, and publication strategies with implementation.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Implementing a tailored social media strategy for your brand creates goal-driven brand awareness and interaction between fashion & beauty product consumers and your digital space, helping your business reach consumers at every stage of their journey both offline and online towards steering their buying decisions to align with your goals.

Influencer & Consumer Engagement

Consumers trust brands they see everywhere and want to boast about using their products to the world, this is an effective way to turn your customers into influencers. Developing fashion & beauty oriented marketing strategies and integrating them into local store promotions using targeted local search, social media influencing and blog content we develop for your brand helps increase brand awareness, thought leadership and online & offline sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Fashion and beauty brands need digital presence that displays their ecommerce stores, brick and mortar store location(s) and also drives leg traffic to their stores with accurate directions, opening hours and available products/services is one effective way to increase offline sales.

Integrated Campaigns & Promotions

Our digital marketing team focuses on making digital and offline promotions run seamlessly together for your fashion or beauty brand. We push your products and services to a targeted attentive audience who want your services and need you to convince them that you’re the right brand for them. So while our local activation and marketing teams spread the beauty of your products to local potential customers, our digital marketing team efficiently spreads them to online eyes too, bolstering interaction, consumer confidence and love for your products.

What You get

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