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Consumer Products Branding & Marketing


Increasing Product Consumption With Love & Loyalty

In the world consumption, where product popularity and trial-consumption are important to driving sales, the multitude of doppelganger products and private-label companies can overwhelm consumers. This is a major reason product storytelling is more vital than ever; as a tool for creating distinction. Implementing efficient consumer products & branding marketing strategies, we use digital networks to deliver effective opportunities to develop interaction, engagement and advocacy while leveraging preference.

What We Offer

Beautifully & Strategically Driving Consumption

Brand Identity Design

When you think branding, do not just to think of the logo design. We create a comprehensive brand identity system including your primary logo, a secondary logo mark, an official brand pattern and other essential identity system elements. Our creative design team designs a collection of elements which work together to create integrated, consistent and flexible brand resources that communicate your brand and product(s) value to your consumers effectively.

Product Design

After qualitative research of your brand, its products, and consumers, we come up with product design wireframes which best meet your needs, taking into account your product features, retail strategies and package manufacturing all through our design process. This helps us create packaging solutions with a clear focus.

eCommerce Development

Ease of access is essential in increasing product sales considering that consumers want their stuff and want it now! Our web design and development team build bespoke ecommerce websites that meet your consumer needs whenever, however and wherever they are. This gives them ample access to products, payment options and shipping/ delivery choices; making it easier for your product consumers to convert and taking some workload off your sales team.

Creative & Content Development

Our creative and content development team uses comprehensive analyses of your market research to develop creative and engaging content towards pushing brand awareness and conversions via targeted digital channels to your offline and online points of sale. This could include content definition, content development and curation, content organisation, creative and media designs, and publication strategies with implementation.

Digital Marketing & Influencing

In a complex world of production, demand, supply and consumption, it’s important to have a clear message that rings in the heart of your target audience. Our design and marketing team collaborate to develop branding and positioning strategies which guides consumers’ understanding of your products and helps them stand out from the crowd. Implementing a tailored digital marketing strategies, we create sales-driven brand awareness and interaction between product consumers and your brand, helping your business reach consumers both offline and online and steering them towards purchase, loyalty and advocacy.

Integrated Campaigns & Promotions

Our marketing team integrates digital promotions and offline activations to create brand awareness for your products. We push your products to a targeted attentive audience who want are staple consumers of its likes. We develop consumption-centric marketing strategies and integrating them into local store promotions using targeted local search, social media influencing and other forms content marketing along with offline activation to increase brand awareness, thought leadership, online & offline sales and consumer love for your products.

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Social Engagement Programs
Crisis & Reputation Management
Creative & Content Development
Integrated Campaigns & Promotions
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