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Digital Marketing & Strategy


Insight into Digital Marketing & Strategy

Reaching consumers at all stages of their journeys has helped digital marketing become the most influential factor in customers’ decisions to buy. Digital Strategy has enhanced the speed of customer satisfaction delivery, and your brand’s capability to keep pace in this atmosphere is vital to its long-term success. That’s why we meticulously drive the quality of the content we create and the efficacy of the messages we craft for your brand with data and insights related to your niche. Using this as a foundation, we are able to forge outstanding emotional connections that amplify your brand’s digital marketing and strategy results across organic and paid channels.

What We Offer

Digital Marketing Expertise

Digital Strategy

Our #GenieMagic helps you grow your business through consumer insights, niche research, planning and delivery solutions to help customers think, communicate, act and convert more effectively in an always-on, always connected world.

How, why and what do we do to grow your business?

To help our clients achieve their goals, our team is a purposely diverse blend of brand strategists, communication planners, service design and development experts, social media, search & web strategists and political consultants. We help businesses earn the right to be called a favourite brand by focusing on five types of behaviour; Presence, Utility, Transparency, Action and Fun.

To chart a path towards desired strategic outcomes, we implement a three-stage process which majorly includes analysing data with in-depth insight, developing a strategic plan from our analyses and insight, and finally developing a roadmap towards efficiently achieving your goals… Of course, this comes with backs and forths, re-evaluations and everything in-between.

Digital Activation & Planning

While experiential marketing includes everything between street teams, night lights and pop-up events through tours to trading events, music festivals and beyond, it means more than just events. Experiential marketing needs a wholesome brand strategy, digital architecture, illustration & design, content design & development, publicity, technology, artistry and offline production all working seamlessly together; this is where our digital activation and planning comes in. Our approach guarantees that the experience we build for your events will only be the beginning of a continuous connection between customers and your brand.

Our approach is deep-seated in empathy and a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s model customer. Using consumer shopping behaviour data researched and made bespoke for your business, we develop consumer profiles that capture the needs and desires of your target audience, and how your products/ services satisfy their cravings. This wealth of know-how motivates us to create unforgettable experiences that resonate with your customers’ ideals, connecting with them on a deeper lever.

Our digital activation and planning strategies are built to scale up to your brand’s target.

Social Media Marketing

Social media’s innate ability to help businesses reach consumers at every stage of their journey has helped it become the most potent element in customer buying decisions. Social media marketing has fast-tracked the speed of purchasing culture, and your brand’s ability to match the pace in this ecosystem is essential to its long-term success. This is why we use statistics and insights to drive quality content we create or curate and the value of the messages we develop specially for your brand. With this as a foundation, we can forge unforgettable and passionate connections that magnify results across organic, affiliate and paid social media marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search is the major medium through which customers discover information on the internet, and most times how their shopping journeys begin. With over 70% of brand websites’ overall traffic being via search and over 55% of consumers visiting stores within a day of a local search on their devices, it is important that any brand with a website invests in search engine optimisation. In today’s information-driven economy, search engines have become the mediators that determine what answers consumers get to their questions; ranking brands and content that are informative, helpful, and optimized for viewing and interaction across different screens and devices.

Accomplishing SEO success means seeing way beyond just driving traffic, website rankings or quick conversions. It’s more about optimising your brand website’s user experience on search engine result pages in accordance with your brand’s search engine optimisation goals and its overall digital ecosystem consisting of social media marketing, email marketing, product management and other digital marketing strategies.

What You get

Treasure Chest

Integrated Marketing Experience

To create effective digital marketing ecosystems that analyse, capture and optimise consumer experience and behavioural data, brands need to create integrated media platforms that connect with their customers at their times of need. By impeccably linking into our clients’ digital ecosystem, with deeply integrated technology and data, we flawlessly give customers the best information at the right time on every platform.

Accurate Target Audience

By using precise analytical tools, researching an audience that needs your products/services and integrating this data with a goal-driven digital marketing strategy, we make sure you get the best returns on investment for every digital marketing campaign we handle for you. We do not only get results for your brand but help you convert leads that will always come back for more.

Increased Conversion

We have always prided ourselves on being able to help our clients make more than 150% profit off every digital marketing campaign whose digital marketing strategy we also devised. This makes us one of the few Nigerian digital marketing brands and the only indigenous growth driven design company with this bragging right; backed with results.

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