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Web Design & Development


Delivering bespoke web design solutions to customers across screens and devices

Recently, companies are being driven by robust technological processes that pushes business growth 24 hours every day of the week. Digital platforms boost your brand’s entire network, linking behavioural, customer relations, media and target location data to personalize content and experiences towards helping your brand stay useful, timely and relevant to customers.

Your domain (.com, .net, .org, .online etc.) presence is your greatest strength in controlling messages you relay to your target audience about your brand. Hence, we look into understanding your brand goals using content with solid communications purposes, rooted in big data analyses and consumer insights. We then design smart, long-lasting solutions to your brand’s major business challenges across all points of contact, screens, and digital devices.

What We Offer

Growth-Driven Design

User Experience Design

Our UX design team create hypothetical customer journeys after researching your brand niche and customers, this helps us understand how your customers think and interact with their needs. This strategy is dedicated to providing the finest possible user experience to both your customers and website management team. We believe that user experience doesn’t begin and end with the wire-framing process, it’s an all-inclusive process from the beginning of the website design project through website launch and consumer use.

User Interface Design

Design is in our blood; we breath, eat and live in it. Our UI design team obsesses over every design element, composition, key frame, button, and form. This process makes our creative work and web design/ development processes a beautiful part of every brand’s story.

Mobile app development and web design aren’t just about aesthetics, it’s about finding the most beautiful way to drive a brand’s growth using a central platform, visually telling a compelling story to drive interaction and sales in a way that best suits each target audience and consumer market.

Responsive Web Development

hoverGENIE’s web development team boasts experts from diverse coding backgrounds who are keen to express the creative freedom of our UX and UI design teams. We continuously endeavour to deliver high-quality, maintainable codes regardless of how we apply them; from our responsive approach through application UI or modular JavaScript architecture development. So, no matter what device or screen your website or app is used one, it doesn’t only look beautiful, it seamlessly grants your customers’ wishes.

Our back-end development team are also authorities in various commercial and open-source platforms, helping us appraise and choose the best tool to meet your brand’s current and future needs.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO a process of optimizing our designed website for the crawling and indexing phase which comes up immediately after website launch. With technical SEO, we help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your brand’s website faster and without problems.

Our search engine optimisation team is always in on every website design project we undertake, right from the data analyses and planning phase. This helps us design SEO friendly websites that are ready to be ranked by search engines like Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing, Yandex and more.

Website Security & Maintenance

We’re ardent lovers of security, and this manifests itself in every platform we develop. Our web design & development processes integrate secure nodes into every platform we build on, commercial or open-source. Our modus operandi is to infuse our specially developed security codes into any CMS we develop on for our clients, this include WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, IOS, Android, etc., giving them an extra layer of security which makes them invulnerable to the average hacker or bot that would otherwise pass through basic CMS security.

We also offer one-month technical support and website maintenance value-added-service to all our website design and development or application development clients.

What You get

Treasure Chest

E-Commerce Development
Online Payment Integration
Responsive Web Design
Enterprise Content Management
Experience & Service Design

Content Development & Strategy
Data Management Platform Integration
Service & Support Platforms
Single Sign-On
Customer Relations Management Integration

Platform Ops, Maintenance & Support
Analytics, Measurement & Optimization
Security & Maintenance
DevOps Automation
Technical SEO

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