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Our Approach

Growth Formular

At hoverGENIE, we love success. This pushes us to achieve goals you set out for your brand in the most rewarding ways possible.
The first step of our approach is rubbing minds with you to understand your brand, target audience, competitors’ best practices and market. This gives us ample information to develop an efficient growth-driven and scalable strategy which we use as a road map towards achieving your brand goals. We then implement this plan small scale, testing and retesting its reliability and validity. We’re ready to go live after this, creating magic that connects your brand to consumers and converts them into fans and advocates.
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Brand-Consumer Insight

We study quantitative and qualitative research data to fill-up gaps in knowledge and help us get a clear view of your target audience’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This holistic understanding of your brand’s position, vision and goals, and what your consumers need, say and how they interact profiles the central perception that fuels every step we take towards taking your brand to the top of its market.

Brand Development Roadmap

Project/ Campaign Strategy Development

Next, we plot your brand’s presence and behaviour through its entire customer journey, and present a holistic visualisation of its ecosystem. After which we develop a strategy which is the central idea against which your brand can act. By identifying the most important values and opportunities, and establishing how different parts of your digital & offline space contributes to a consistent satisfactory consumer experience, this strategy created with your brand vision in mind gives your organisation a distinct direction forward.

Test, Retest & Evaluation

We do not go into implementation after this. The project team runs the strategy through vigorous tests to check for holes and success feasibility in your target market. After each strategy passes the first set of tests, we move it to a full in-house test and implementation mode, making our teammates your first target audience to understand its effect on an aware market. This gives us an overview of how your consumers will react to your products and/or services and helps you weigh the level of effort against ROI. If a strategy fails any stage, it goes back to the drawing board for re-evaluation and re-strategizing.

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In this phase, we begin implementing our GenieMagic. Your brand new strategy is executed, section by section across all relevant channels. We then continue to improve the strategy based on each implementation phase in real time to meet your brand’s goals and help you unveil a new market identity in which your brand takes efficient decisions and grows steadily even against market undercurrents.

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Results & Reports

After launching your campaign, we work towards a period; mostly monthly, when we analyse the results of all our smart work and sleepless nights. We then use data derived from these results to further optimise your campaigns to increase conversions and brand growth. We communicate with you on the best times to send in qualitative reports for each campaign; either monthly or quarterly.

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