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Very happy with hoverGENIE's work, we both went back and forth on a few occasions for minor adjustments and or changes and nothing was too much to ask and the final work was exactly what I had in mind. Their ability to understand and articulate what I was trying to convey, I would rate highly, I really appreciate the time and effort put into the artwork requested as they will go along way to promote my brand.
Trevor Mulley
Great team! Highly recommended, delivered work in a timely manner. We are moving project in a different direction, but definitely will consider working with hoverGENIE again!
Denise Casas
hoverGENIE was an excellent resource and achieved what I needed them to achieve.
Chris Hansen
Managing Director / Buy Any Part
Talking about sticking with someone, and talking about sacrifice. I know just very few companies like @hovergenie. This is not a paid ad. I am talking about someone whom we call at midnight at Augustsecrets. They designed our website. They designed the Augustsecrets Recipe Book and so many other jobs. Practically from when we started. Their level of professionalism I can vouch for because they work with so many notable brands too. Invest in your brand and work with professionals who UNDERSTAND and LISTEN to you AND BRING YOUR TALENT TO LIFE.
Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo
I have worked with this company for more than 2 years now. The services they provide is so professional at every level. As a resident in the UK, I used to think that we would have communication barriers but no, they handled every of my worries, queries, numerous questions, so well and they delivered as they said they would. I’m very impressed. Would definitely recommend their services.
Belle Nrorom