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Creative & Content Development


Creative & content development for marketing and communication

Helping your brand grow into an informative authority in its niche, hoverGENIE develops innovative ways for businesses to reach, engage and befriend audiences. The world is information-driven, and the digital space more so. In SEO and social, having the most helpful, creative, user friendly content goes a long way towards helping any brand’s target audience take the first step in engaging them even before they think about purchasing their services. This is a major reason for the epithet describing creative & content development; “content is king”, since it helps you communicate with your audience at every level.

What We Offer

Engagement-driven Creativity

Content Strategy

The hoverGENIE digital and content strategy team evaluates your brand’s owned, paid, and earned points of contact with your target audience, and outlines suitable approaches to developing engaging content in each channel. This implementation includes content definition, content development and curation, metadata plans, content organisation and publication strategies, and other times, documentation and process consulting.

Editorial Services

Our editorial services team create custom content for your brand’s publishing efforts. Our common deliverables consist blog posts, news articles, thought leadership to represent you as an authority in your niche, content sponsorships, white papers, status updates to drive awareness and engagement on social media, graphics, videos and animations. Content can be ghost-written on behalf of specific brands, since we leverage expert journalists to create content for almost any subject. We also partner with media outlets and influencers to create and/ or publish content on their owned channels towards creating better brand awareness and engagement for your brand.

Media Production

Our media production is creative & content development/ production service for brands who rely on visual and audio content to increase brand awareness and sales. We boast a team of multidisciplinary thinkers, producers, artists, and makers who use tech in creative and inventive ways to convey effective and captivating creative content to our client’s audience.

Our in-house proficiency includes creative conception, photography, videography, illustration, live-action production, 2D and 3D motion design and animation, CGI, and post-production. Our media content has been delivered across digital, on-ground marketing, broadcast television, and print platforms.

What You get

Treasure Chest

Content strategy

Publishing management

Book design


Social media content

Creative conception

Live-action production




2D & 3D motion design


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