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Entertainment & Media Marketing


Keeping your audience always tuned-in to you

In the entertainment & media industry where movies, songs and musical videos are churned out like unlimited salvos of ammunition daily, TV ads, musical channels and radio stations have long been the lone roads of success, but we’re offering a new future which has taken root. While local media remains vital, modern audiences need nonstop engagement anytime, anyplace, and on any number of devices or screens. The hoverGENIE team creates alternate points of contact and engagement, integrated marketing strategies and digital product experiences supporting continuous interaction that’s fulfilling for companies and their audiences.

What We Offer

Engaging Digital Media Promotion

Multi-Screen Design

No consumer likes using stuff that doesn’t really “fit”, this is one reason brands should optimise their media content to fit all screen sizes and devices. Here is where our creative and content development team comes in. We (re)design your media to fit any dimension, sound quality or resolution, giving your audience multiple entertainment choices to pick from and increasing consumer satisfaction.

Apps, Games & Digital Products

For media houses, record labels or media production/marketing companies, pushing your media content to the digital space means having it on every device and screen. What better way to do this than create interactive apps or fun games to relay your message to users through beautiful mobile experiences? Besides, having all your content in one place saves your audience the stress of looking for them on other generic platforms and increases brand awareness, traffic, engagement, customer satisfaction and ultimately sales (or subscriptions).

Content Management Systems

YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, Vimeo or Shazam are all great platforms, but designing and developing a bespoke central platform for your media content helps make it easier to run digital campaigns and drive brand awareness and/or conversions for your content. Using content management systems mean they’ll be easy for you to handle without our supervision and you can run any number of marketing campaigns or measurement you require on them.

Content Strategy & Development

The hoverGENIE digital and content strategy team analysis your media content and evaluates your brand’s owned, paid, and earned points of contact with your target audience. We then outline suitable approaches to developing engaging content to push through targeted digital channels. This implementation includes content definition, content development and curation, metadata plans, content organisation and publication strategies, and other times, marketing, documentation and process consulting.

Paid Media Advertising

Developing a paid media ad strategy and running an adspend analysis based on your type of media content, target audience and consumer data, our digital marketing team runs ads to help drive brand awareness, views, plays and general engagement or interaction with your media content. This includes, video, sound, rich ads, retargeting ads and other effective media type ads.

Digital-to-Offline Promotions

When digital and offline promotions run seamlessly together, word reaches more ears and eyes faster than wild fire. So while our local activation and marketing teams spread the good news of your media/ entertainment content to the offline world, our digital marketing team works smart to spread them to online ears too, bolstering confidence and love for your products. Remember seeing Picture Perfect: The Movie everywhere in Lagos? that was us.

What You get

Treasure Chest

Tune-In & Media Engagement
Open Weekend Box Office
Audience Rating & Reviews
Share & Sentiment of Voice
Memberships & Subscribers

Sponsorship Value
Media Impressions
Apps & Games Promotion
Digital Products Promotion
Multi-Screen Design

Social Viewing Experiences
Content Strategy & Development
Sponsored Ad Products
Content Management Systems
Platform Security & Maintenance

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